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Landing Page vs Website: Which One Is Right for Your Business?

Did you know that 27% of consumers that see your ad will search for your business online? And without a proper online presence, your marketing efforts may go to waste. 

So, how do you ensure you get the highest conversion rates for your advertising? You can either use a website or a landing page to interact with your customers online. 

Find out the differences between a landing page vs website to see what works best for your auto repair shop. 

What is a Landing Page?

When you search for "what is a landing page" online, you will get one main answer: a single webpage for a customer to take some kind of action. Some examples of landing page goals include:

  • Sign up for a newsletter
  • Make a specific purchase
  • Contact your business
  • Try a product or service
  • Download a software
  • Create an Account

Landing pages can be used in digital marketing campaigns to direct clients to these specific actions. These landing page examples also gather customer information and track conversion rates for each sales attempt. 

What is a Website?

While auto repair landing pages are only one page, a website will consist of several. Your site domain is your homepage. This page may include general information about your company, details or a list of products and services, recent blog posts, and anything else you want customers to see as they scroll down the page. 

The menu at the top acts as a navigation tool to separate content. Each menu item loads a new page for customers to explore. Some examples of website pages include:

  • Contact Page
  • Blog
  • About Us
  • Shop
  • Services
  • Pricing

These menu tabs create the entire website and encompass a complete tutorial of your business. And about 71% of small businesses have a website for this reason. However, websites can get more complex, especially with their design, since the pages need to be cohesive and accurately direct users. 

At AA Shop Marketing, we create or refurbish your website to assist with marketing your business. We do this through SEO strategies such as content creation and by marketing your website toward local clientele. 

Major Differences Between Landing Page vs Website

Seeing the landing page vs website differences is obvious once you know what each one looks like. For example, you can tell a landing page's lack of navigation. It will most likely have a large banner image with only one field or set of fields to complete and/or a button to click. A landing page will also only focus on one action like an offer, subscription, or trial — it aims to sell. 

A website, however, is an overview of the company that branches out into segments using multiple pages. The header may have a call-to-action, but it will be more general for the user to explore rather than complete a specific task.

When considering the landing page vs website benefits, they both have their purpose. However, a landing page should never act as a website since it is too vague. But, a website could include the same information as a landing page.

Deciding What is Best for Your Auto Repair Business

When it comes to a landing page vs website, you need to understand when to use each. A landing page can be a helpful marketing tool if you have a specific promotion. However, you should also have a website to display more information about your company to potential customers. 

Let us help you with both projects by contacting us today for a free consultation. 

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