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A Winning Digital Content Marketing Strategy for Auto Repair Shops

Attracting customers to your auto shop is one thing, but building lifelong customer relationships is even better.

How do you approach this challenge?

Auto shops have historically relied on traditional marketing methods like word-of-mouth, signage, print marketing, and local classified ads. However, there's a significant digital marketing opportunity yet to be uncovered by many shops.

Take a look behind the hood of a winning digital content marketing strategy.

Picking the Right Channels for Digital Content Marketing Strategy

One of the first steps in any marketing strategy is research. Specifically, it's vital to understand which marketing channels work best for your industry.

Market and competitor research helps here: which channels does your customer base respond to most? Which strategies is your competition using?

Common sense also plays a role.

It's not likely that your competition is driving leads from Instagram. It's more likely that they're generating leads (and sales) from Google, primarily, Google Ads and Google My Business.

Google Marketing for Auto Shops

Ask yourself: what's the first action you take when you need a local service? Chances are, it's typing a search phrase into Google. This is a great place to start.

Google My Business ensures your auto shop is visible online.

It generates an information card with the following:

  • Hours of operation
  • Photos and video
  • Website links
  • Services
  • Google reviews.

If you want those 5 stars to appear on your listing, you have to encourage customers to leave reviews; this requires a combination strategy of great service and encouragement. For example, you could create website content that encourages customers to leave Google reviews.

Another strategy is Google Ads. This platform offers pay-per-click advertising. The best part is that your ad appears above organic search results, generating more brand awareness and click-through rates.

Along with an organic SEO content strategy, leveraging PPC Ads and My Business makes for one winning Google marketing strategy.

Don't forget! Google's ranking algorithms are improving all the time. Thus, it's critical to create high-quality (and valuable) content that attracts clicks, customers, and ranking signals.

Creating a Social Media Content Strategy for Your Auto Shop

Auto shops have to be careful about which social media marketing platforms to invest their budgets in. Remember the point about Instagram? While it's not likely potential customers are looking for mechanic services there, it's far more likely they're looking for local auto services (and reviews) on Facebook.

Like Google marketing, you need a smart digital content marketing strategy that attracts customers. This means your Facebook business page and FB ads must be on point.

Facebook business pages give you a lot to work with. Along with basic information like phone numbers and hours, you can include media, mission statements, and company history.

Take full advantage of posts and reviews too. Facebook reviews are similar to Yelp, customers often go there to share their experiences with their local community.

Make the Most of Your Auto Shop Marketing Strategy

You're only a few steps away from launching your own winning digital content marketing strategy. Remember these tips as you brainstorm ideas to attract more customers.

AA shop marketing wants to help take your auto shop marketing to another level. Check out our services, or contact us now to talk to a digital strategist to get started.

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